Rally in Khandwa Nov 2008

Dams on River Narmada

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The Friends of River Narmada is an international coalition of organisations and individuals (mostly of Indian descent). The coalition is a solidarity network for the Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada Movement) and other similar grassroots struggles in India. More info about us.

Note that we are NOT the Narmada Bachao Andolan.

Celebrating 25 years of resistance and reconstruction

This year, it will be 25 years since the Narmada Bachao Andolan started questioning, organizing and mobilizing resistance against destruction of life and livelihood in the Narmada river valley. been initiated in the valley.

A number of programs are planned in the Narmada valley starting from October 22 2010. Please participate.

Action Updates
(January 2010)

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